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This morning I posted a status about being thankful & living life to the fullest that went something like this: “Good morning Angels. Open up your heart today & let the beauty of all the moments in. When we stop waiting for peak moments we can enjoy even the ordinary things in our lives. When life is happening smoothly for us, it’s easy to take the ordinary for granted such as health, the presence of a loved one in our life, food, shelter, family, education, our job, the ability to work, our car or the ability to drive. Savor everything, every experience, even the ordinary because it’s not just the ordinary if you are thankful for it.

Affirm it & believe it:
Today, I will release ANYTHING that is sabotaging my joy & I will appreciate the ordinary things in my life. ‪#‎AngelOnAMission‬”
Then I check my inbox messages & see this lovely message that blessed my heart! See, many think that “living it up” is fame & fortune. And for some that may be so (which is great) but for others like me & this angel, what’s in this message is us living life to the fullest, living it up & enjoying to the fullest every moment God gives us here on earth.💜💋🙏👼 #angel_on_a_mission #beempowered #beencouraged #testimony

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